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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems for Business

No matter the reason for setting up a surveillance system, it’s important to find a trusted  provider who understands your unique needs and objectives before proposing a solution.  At Dominion Voice and Data, our team of experts work directly with you to identify the surveillance system that provides the best solution for your environment.

Video is an essential part of any security operation today because it offers you something unique and valuable – A visual understanding of your property and potential security incidents.

What network video solution is best for you?

Our complete range of network video solutions including cameras, VMS and recorders, analytics and applications that reduce costs, ensure scalability, and simplify integration.

End-To-End surveillance and security for

At Dominion, we partner with the industry’s leading manufacturers.  That fact, along with our well recognized high level of customer satisfaction, ensures that our clients have a surveillance system that is cost effective and best-in-class.

See which industries our phone solutions can support.

Senior Living

We enjoy over 20 years of experience in the Senior Living industry. We love the industry and respect those whose mission is to serve our elderly with great care. At Dominion, we understand the unique aspects particular to Operators and Owners of Senior Living communities.

Hospitals and Physician Practices

Another legacy vertical, we have been engaged in supporting hospitals and physician practices for over 20 years. Unique requirements drive clients to companies like Dominion who has demonstrated the ability to integrate multiple systems successfully.

Small / Medium Enterprise

All companies benefit for aligning themselves with technology vendors that understand your specific needs. Our consultative approach brings great value to the SMB market.

Large Enterprise

We are helping businesses accomplish more with less by leveraging the latest in business IT solutions.

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