Phone Solutions for a Modern Time

Phone Solutions for a Modern Time


We know how important a modern communication system is. A missed call, a message being unable to be sent, or poor reception could be disastrous. These are all terrifying possibilities if you have old, outdated, and no longer supported phone solutions. Problems like these can be easily avoided with a new modern business phone system. Upgrading your system will not only make issues like those left behind but also give you a host of new communication options.

With a new phone system, you will be upgraded to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which means all your calls will be through the internet. This means the quality of the voice in calls increases with your internet. This also allows you to integrate your system with your computers and mobile devices. You can make calls, check your voicemail, and communicate on your computer. You will be able to share documents & data, start group chats, and make conference calls all through one unified system.

Dominion Voice and Data pairs phone solutions identified for each client and the latest in communication and collaboration technology to help businesses thrive in the modern and mobile economy.

Multiple system options assure that client needs are matched with the right solution ranging from 10 to 10,000 users. All systems are serviced by Dominion Cloud Services technical team resulting in quick and accurate support.

Modern phone solutions eliminate many of the problems old systems had. Helping avoid potentially serious issues that could arise from the older systems. Upgrading will also give a long list of benefits. So don’t wait, contact us and we will set you up with a modern system right for you.

Secure Your Data with Monitoring and Support

Secure Your Data with Monitoring and Support

With the number of cyber attacks that make their way into the general public’s news feed it’s understandable that you might be more than a little concerned about the safety of your own network. After all, if you’re responsible for any kind of sensitive information be it yours or that of your customers, it is a great responsibility to ensure it is adequately protected. That’s why you should consider partnering with Dominion Voice and Data today and utilizing our monitoring and support services.


With monitoring and support services through Dominion, you’ll be gaining a partner that is constantly on the lookout for malicious attacks on your network. We perform constant scan to identify threats and remove them, often before you even notice! We are also always being proactive in protecting your network by ensuring that no matter what, you’ve got the latest and most powerful updates for your anti-virus firmware. This way threats are more often stopped before they can occur.


Probably the best part of our support services however, are that they are so easy to use. We know that as a business owner the last thing you need is another thing complicating your life. We are available 24x7x365 and we can even install a help desk icon on all of your desktops so that your team can reach our team anytime help is needed. No matter the size of your business, no matter how sensitive the nature of your data, we have a solution that can be tailored to you.

Save on Initial Costs with Cloud Computing

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Opening a new business or additional locations can be really expensive. Not only are you going to have recurring costs like rent, utilities and payroll for your business but you’ll need to plan for all of those initial, one-time expenses too like furniture and equipment to get you started. If thinking about all of these costs has your head spinning and you’re itching for a way to lower your capex then talk to Dominion Voice and Data about our cloud solutions!

With cloud computing for your business you can say goodbye to having to purchase and upkeep those expensive servers and say hello to a variety of additional benefits for your business. With cloud services and Workspace-as-a-Service (WaaS) on your side you’ll find that your team is able to be more productive, you’ll be saving data and saving money. Since all of your data will be safely stored in the cloud with top-of-the-line data protection your employees will no longer need to keep redundant copies of documents on their personal computer. They will have it all available on their mobile desktops.

Got an employee with a sick child at home? Since you’ve chosen to use cloud computing rather than a traditional network setup they’ll be able to log-on from home and still get some work done while they look after their little one. There are so many benefits you’ll be getting by utilizing cloud solutions and by choosing Dominion Voice and Data, you’ll also be getting access to 24/7/365 support from our technical team.

Save money and gain peace of mind knowing you’ve got safe and reliable cloud solutions on your side today! Learn more…

Proud to Serve in a Variety of Industries

At Dominion Voice and Data we are proud to say that for the past nearly 20 years (since 1999) we have cultivated the expertise to be able to provide services to a variety of industries such as Hospitality, Business and Health Care. We don’t just focus on one sector because we understand the value of voice and data technologies for everyone! For instance, from the very start we have worked with Assisted Living Facilities to ensure that they are getting the best in carrier services as well as the right phone options and WiFi systems to not only save facilities money but also keep residents safe and connected with their loved ones.

Need a more rugged system? We work in the Industrial Industry where we can provide options like SpectraLink premise-based wireless solutions that are both reliable and tough so that you never lose that crucial instant contact between management and staff. At the same time we understand the more delicate needs of healthcare facilities when it comes to the security of information being transmitted/stored such as electronic health records. Reliability is additionally crucial in a health care emergency and with Dominion Voice and Data nurses and doctors can focus on their patients, knowing that their communication solutions are in good hands.

At Dominion Voice and Data we believe in the importance of growth and flexibility as well as exceptional customer service and that is what drives us to excellence in so many fields. Read more about Who We Serve.

Keeping Your Guest Wowed

IT peace of mind for guests and staff in hospitality industry

Think about what you expected as a guest when you checked into a hotel room 20 years ago. Hopefully a clean room, made bed, fresh towels, and a mint on the pillow. Now, think about what you expect when you check into a modern hotel. We expect free and fast Wi-Fi, great in-room entertainment and dining options, and seamless user experience from walking in the door until after you leave.

Have you though about what your staff has come to expect when working at a modern hotel?

  • Reliable and fast internet
  • Unified communications which enable them to communicate from anywhere with any team member
  • Automatic notifications for alerts or key activities

Keeping your guests wowed with IT peace of mind

The hospitality industry has changed just like every other industry in our technological world. Customers expect a great experience, a majority of that pertains to their ability to interact with the technology they bring with them (laptop, tablet, smart phone) and the technology provided throughout the hotel (in-room phone, digital signage, front desk receptionist).

As an owner/operator in the hospitality industry, you have a lot of people inside and outside your organization demanding the best technology. But what if technology isn’t your strength. You need a strategic partner. Dominion Voice and Data has been working with owner/operators in the hospitality industry to help them deploy the best technology solutions for both guest and staff. Below is an example of our approach, an approach that not only empowers your staff and pleases your guest, but also keeps IT cost low.


Start with your team

As the owner/operator, you need to take care of your team first. If you take care of your team, they will then take care of your customers. By starting here, we help owners find out what their teams need to succeed. In many cases, we create a list similar to this:

  • Fast and reliable internet for all work stations
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the property to enable workers to access their business applications from wherever a guest might be
  • Simple, yet powerful phone system that integrates with your front desk software and enables mobile roaming
  • Reliable and friendly IT support and help desk for all the business provided devices

Once we have built your list, we then go to work for you to create a plan to meet your teams needs. We do a full assessment of your current IT infrastructure, find the best solutions to meet you needs, then build a proposed roadmap to take you from where you are to where you need to be.


Keep your guest wowed

Now that we have your staff properly supported, our focus quickly shifts to your customer base. The modern customer is powerful, influential, and free to find the company that best meets their needs. Customers are learning more about your business with a 5-minute web search of other customer reviews, not by just visiting your property. You not only want to make your current customers happy, but you want them to engage with you online and tell others about the amazing experience they had.

So what do customers expect? Once again, we lead the owner/operator through a brain storming session to try and think of all the things related to IT that they are expecting when they walk in the front door:

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi
  • Free access to a business center with computers and printers ready for them to use
  • Interactive lobby monitors
  • Powerful in-room communication solutions for interacting with staff and dinning services
  • Enjoyable in-room entertainment

Fortunately, many of these items can be built upon the solutions we have already selected to empower your workforce. As your IT consultant, we build another roadmap for success to meet the items you identified as crucial to keeping your guest wowed.


IT peace of mind

The final aspect that sets Dominion Voice and Data apart is our ability to not only provide consultation services, but also our ability to project manage, execute, and support all the solutions we propose. We become your single destination for all things related to IT.

This peace of mind enables you to focus on your business and driving great customer experiences.

This process can all begin today with a free consultation. Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, let us show you what we can do to help your organization grow.

Lowering your Business IT Budget

If you’re sitting down with your finance department for the 2018 budget, you probably know the issues that come with determining future IT expenses. You might be drawing up some numbers based on past expenses (hoping costs stay the same), building a large emergency fund in case your server dies, or even just guessing. Either way, there’s a good chance your IT budget for 2018 will be off the mark. That can cost you funding for upgrades and improvements, as well as time spent finding the right service providers and support.

With a Managed Services approach to your IT , these worries just melt away. Instead of reaching for the checkbook for every unexpected expense, you pay a fixed monthly price for all your IT support. For a low, fixed monthly cost, our team of professionals can provide proactive management of all your infrastructure, equipment, software, and applications. You can count on us for regular maintenance and upgrades, keeping your business ahead of the competition with the latest technology offerings. We monitor your systems around the clock and deliver in-depth reporting, to ensure you’re getting top performance from your vital systems. Our team provides 24×7 system support, every day of the year, and aims to address any IT questions or issues quickly and effectively. You receive all your IT solutions and services through one central provider, increasing your savings, while providing your finance department with reliable figures for the 2018 budget. If you’re looking for a low-cost managed services solution that is designed specifically for your business operations, look no further.
Learn more…

A Local Partner with National Capabilities

Business is built on relationships.

From a small, family business to the largest corporations, people do business with the people they like. Building and maintaining these personal relationships are critical to the success of any organization.

It’s easy to build a relationship with a local business who is in your area. You can meet for lunch or networking events, and you start your relationship already having several things in common. But how do you build the same level of a relationship with an organization with a national footprint.

The answer is simple, but the execution and maintenance of this relationship takes some serious work. I’ll breakdown how Dominion Voice and Data has built and maintained several relationships with national organizations in the Senior Living industry.

1. Start with the basics

Every relationship takes effort. It takes you putting yourself out there to meet with the people you want to work with. Driving to meet them in their place of business, taking them out to lunch to learn about their interest outside of work. The key thing to remember – Be Present.

You can not build a relationship with someone simply through email, or phone calls, or social media. These are great tools to get an introduction, but you must find a way to convert the digital relationship into a real-world interaction.

Start simple with this. Offer to take them out for coffee or lunch. Invite them to an event or tradeshow in their area related to their industry. Maybe even find what their hobby is and suggest that activity. The key is to meet in-person.

This first real-world meeting will be what the rest of your professional relationship will build upon, and it is the first step for Dominion Voice and Data in working with a new client.

The Dominion Voice and Data team will go to any location in the country to have an initial real-world interaction. It’s true, we could easily do a conference call, video chat, or send them a welcome video, but these methods will never replace the value of an in-person interaction.

2. Listen

Once you have this initial meeting, your next task is to simply listen. Listen to their needs, their vision, their goals, and their strengths. Building a relationship isn’t about you and your organization, but about your clients.

And they are going to like talking about themselves. These decision makers love their job, and really enjoy talking about how they are impacting their industry.

While we are listening, the team from Dominion Voice and Data begins to look at the world through the eyes of the customer. With our national accounts, we listen to the issues they have modernizing all their facilities with outdated cabling, or how do they begin a migration to the cloud for all their users. Or perhaps they can’t even begin to wrap their mind around converting all their carrier services from traditional POTs lines to SIP trunks.

Once your new relationship starts to really open up about their fears and struggles, then you are ready for the next step

3. Hold their hand

The biggest thing you can provide a friend in need is comfort and peace of mind. Especially business owners who have a lot on their plate. By focusing on helping their specific needs instead of just trying to sell a certain product, these decision makers are more receptive to your recommendations.

Also, critical during this phase is to be honest with yourself and with your client. Don’t be afraid to recommend solutions from a competitor if you can’t meet their needs in certain areas, and never try to hammer the square peg through the round hole. Instead, be a consultant for their needs. Find them different options and present them in a professional manner.

We do this providing a detailed list of the issues we are working to resolve, then setting a date for us to get back to them with a list of possible solutions. By setting the date, we begin the process to helping our client, which gives them peace of mind knowing that things are finally in the process of getting better.

4. Professional Proposals

When it comes time to make your recommendations, you are finally ready and clear to being selling your products. No doubt about it, this is a sales pitch for your specific services and solutions.

Be professional, be clear, and be respective of their time. Layout where the relationship started, list the current pain points you are working to resolve, and then present your solutions and clearly explain how they will address their specific needs.

Dominion Voice and Data is able to offer a wide range of services and solutions specifically geared towards the Senior Living industry on a national scale. During these proposal sessions, we not only show off our solutions, but also show off our capabilities. We are a company with national influence and capabilities. We can go anywhere they want to expand, and meet their needs at every step.

This is critical to us winning and keeping business. We position ourselves as their single resource for all their IT needs.

5. Execute, Execute, Execute

Now the real fun and work begins. At this point, we have taken our professional relationship and turned it into a true business relationship. Our client has trusted us with executing their selected services, and execution is key to maintaining the relationship for years to come.

Our dedicated team is available 24/7/365. We project manage the entire process, and proactively update our clients on progress, success, failures and how we resolved them.

Our project management team can handle multiple projects, at multiple sites, for multiple customers. We are busy, but our clients would never notice. By being proactive in our outreach and updates, they have continued peace of mind and no longer worry about their IT.

6. Keep listening

This is the final step to maintaining your relationship. Always keep listening. Your client will always be growing, changing, or adapting. With each new challenge they face comes additional areas where you can assist.

Again, you need to be present, and have interactions in person. And these don’t always need to be business related. Continue to take them out to lunch, or treat them and their teams to an enjoyable night out. Remember, these are people you are helping, not just a transaction.

If you partner with Dominion Voice and Data, you are partnering with a trusted and reputable company that will be there whenever you need us. We value all our customers, and take our commitment to them seriously. We’re always looking to add to our family, let us know how we can help.

Many Locations, One Organization

Specialized medical care providers offer critical services for customers across our country. From sleep studies, cancer screenings, and even fertility consultations, these specialized practices allow customers access to great service at a reasonable price.

We usually see these organizations as multi-site, regional players. They have offices concentrated around a specific area or region, with most of the command and control coming out of one central location. Having this type of layout has many benefits, but also many challenges that the leadership must address as well, many of these items pertain to the IT solutions they have deployed.

Dominion Voice and Data has been fortunate to be able to work with many of these specialty care providers, our solutions have helped them complete their business objectives while also keeping their IT expenses low. Below are some examples of solutions we have provided.

Site-To-Site data connectivity

The successful and safe transmission of sensitive data between a satellite office and the main location is crucial for any specialized medical provider. Dominion Voice and Data was able to deploy a multi-site fiber connectivity solution for a care provider, which resulted in their ability to send large files easily between locations on a secure and private fiber connection.

In-bound Call Center

One way to maximize your workforce and keep cost low is to deploy a central call center for all in-bound calls. Dominion Voice and Data was able to help a provider select, install, train, and maintain a state-of-the-art call center. This resulted in the provider being able to successfully manage all in-bound calls and quickly connect customers to the proper destination.

Network Monitoring and Security

Like every business, network security and monitoring are critical. With all the sensitive health data stored at these facilities, having a powerful and robust monitoring service is critical. Dominion Voice and Data is able to provide this high level of service to many providers, resulting in IT peace of mind for the organizations leadership.

IT peace of mind

The final aspect that sets Dominion Voice and Data apart is our ability to not only provide consultation services, but also our ability to project manage, execute, and support all the solutions we propose. We become your single destination for all things related to IT.

This peace of mind enables you to focus on your business and driving great customer experiences.

This process can all begin today with a free conversation. Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, let us show you what we can do to help your organization grow.

Your Assembly Line Runs on IT

You are the master of your production. It’s what sets you apart and gives you the competitive edge necessary to grow your business. Your ability to quickly and efficiently create and manufacture your products directly impacts your growth and business success.

But more and more, your assembly line is relying on smarter and more powerful IT solutions.

“I’m an expert in production, not IT!”

We hear this often, and we fortunately are able to help. As a trusted IT consultant, we work with industrial leaders to identify where they want to go and what technological solutions they will need to get there.

Start with the end in mind

A great plan is born out of a great vision. A manufacturing company reached out to us with a great vision, to be the largest producer of their product in North America. What they were lacking though was the IT technical knowledge and support to help make that dream a reality. Dominion Voice and Data was brought on to serve as their IT consultant, helping them chart a path to ensure their IT solutions would support their corporate vision. During the initial conversations, we identified some key areas that needed our attention:

  • A business phone system that worked well for both the office staff and those on the assembly line
  • Loud and visual ringers for audio paging and communications in the production areas
  • Fast and reliable internet connectivity that could securely connect to their home office in Europe
  • Secure data storage for their proprietary production and process information
  • Campus wide Wi-Fi to fully enable their various smart devices used throughout the production process

With a clear understanding of what they needed, Dominion Voice and Data built a roadmap to complete these items while also keeping cost and downtime to a minimum.

IT peace of mind

The final aspect that sets Dominion Voice and Data apart is our ability to not only provide consultation services, but also our ability to project manage, execute, and support all the solutions we propose. We become your single destination for all things related to IT. This peace of mind enables you to focus on your business and driving great results. This process can all begin today with a free conversation. Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, let us show you what we can do to help your organization grow.