Keeping Your Guest Wowed

Think about what you expected when you checked into a hotel room 20 years ago.

  • Clean room
  • Bed was made
  • Fresh towels
  • Mint on the pillow

Now, think about what you expect when you check into a modern hotel

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi
  • Great in-room entertainment and dining options
  • Seamless user experience from walking in the door until after you leave

Also think about what your staff has come to expect when working at a modern hotel.

  • Reliable and fast internet
  • Unified communications which enable them to communicate from anywhere with any team member
  • Automatic notifications for alerts or key activities

The hospitality industry has changed just like every other industry in our technological world. Customers expect a great experience, a majority of that pertains to their ability to interact with the technology they bring with them (laptop, tablet, smart phone) and the technology provided throughout the hotel (in-room phone, digital signage, front desk receptionist).

As an owner/operator in the hospitality industry, you have a lot of people inside and outside your organization demanding the best technology. But what if technology isn’t your strength. You need a strategic partner, you need Dominion Voice and Data. Dominion Voice and Data has been working with owner/operators in the hospitality industry to help them deploy the best technology solutions for both guest and staff. Below is an example of our approach, an approach that not only empowers your staff and pleases your guest, but also keeps IT cost low.

Start with your team

As the owner/operator, you need to take care of your team first. If you take care of your team, they will then take care of your customers. By starting here, we help owners find out what their teams need to succeed. In many cases, we create a list similar to this:

  • Fast and reliable internet for all work stations
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the property to enable workers to access their business applications from wherever a guest might be
  • Simple, yet powerful phone system that integrates with your front desk software and enables mobile roaming
  • Reliable and friendly IT support and help desk for all the business provided devices

Once we have built your list, we then go to work for you to create a plan to meet your teams needs. We do a full assessment of your current IT infrastructure, find the best solutions to meet you needs, then build a proposed roadmap to take you from where you are to where you need to be.

Keep your guest Wowed

Now that we have your staff properly supported, our focus quickly shifts to your customer base. The modern customer is powerful, influential, and free to find the company that best meets their needs. Customers are learning more about your business with a 5-minute web search of other customer reviews, not by just visiting your property. You not only want to make your current customers happy, but you want them to engage with you online and tell others about the amazing experience they had.

So what do customers expect? Once again, we lead the owner/operator through a brain storming session to try and think of all the things related to IT that they are expecting when they walk in the front door:

  • Free and fast Wi-Fi
  • Free access to a business center with computers and printers ready for them to use
  • Interactive lobby monitors
  • Powerful in-room communication solutions for interacting with staff and dinning services
  • Enjoyable in-room entertainment

Fortunately, many of these items can be built upon the solutions we have already selected to empower your workforce. As your IT consultant, we build another roadmap for success to meet the items you identified as crucial to keeping your guest wowed.

IT peace of mind

The final aspect that sets Dominion Voice and Data apart is our ability to not only provide consultation services, but also our ability to project manage, execute, and support all the solutions we propose. We become your single destination for all things related to IT.

This peace of mind enables you to focus on your business and driving great customer experiences.

This process can all begin today with a free conversation. Reach out to our team to learn more about our services, let us show you what we can do to help your organization grow.

Lowering your Business IT Budget

If you’re sitting down with your finance department for the 2018 budget, you probably know the issues that come with determining future IT expenses. You might be drawing up some numbers based on past expenses (hoping costs stay the same), building a large emergency fund in case your server dies, or even just guessing. Either way, there’s a good chance your IT budget for 2018 will be off the mark. That can cost you funding for upgrades and improvements, as well as time spent finding the right service providers and support.

With a Managed Services approach to your IT , these worries just melt away. Instead of reaching for the checkbook for every unexpected expense, you pay a fixed monthly price for all your IT support. For a low, fixed monthly cost, our team of professionals can provide proactive management of all your infrastructure, equipment, software, and applications. You can count on us for regular maintenance and upgrades, keeping your business ahead of the competition with the latest technology offerings. We monitor your systems around the clock and deliver in-depth reporting, to ensure you’re getting top performance from your vital systems. Our team provides 24×7 system support, every day of the year, and aims to address any IT questions or issues quickly and effectively. You receive all your IT solutions and services through one central provider, increasing your savings, while providing your finance department with reliable figures for the 2018 budget. If you’re looking for a low-cost managed services solution that is designed specifically for your business operations, look no further.
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