Health Care Industry

Communication is of utmost importance in a high-intensity environment, like a hospital. Nurses need to be contacted immediately in the case of an emergency, with little to no mistakes on the technical side. Doctors must be paged to be in the correct area and prepare for the proper procedures, when time is of the essence. There must be a reliable system that these health workers depend on.

That’s why Dominion Voice and Data is proud to be involved in the Healthcare Industry, and we understand the unique responsibilities associated with providing telephone and data services to Hospitals and Doctor’s offices throughout the country.

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Over 40 years Experience in the Telecom Industry

Dominion Voice and Data began in 1999 as a Telephone Value Added Reseller created by the partnership of Kimberly Jenkins and John Ross. Over the years, Dominion built a strong reputation in the industry by focusing on serving customer’s needs by providing Toshiba and Avaya telephone solutions. From the beginning, the mission was not to merely sell telephone systems, but to enhance our customer’s abilities to communicate within their own organization and better reach those whom they serve. This attention on outcomes led to success in the healthcare and senior living market segments, where the need for reliable, accurate, and immediate communication is a necessity. Support from the Toshiba National Accounts Program, and SpectraLink premise based mobile systems, only enhanced our standing in those markets.

Core Principles

In short, we have built our business around our core principles of exceptional customer service and industry heritage, with a goal towards controlled growth and flexibility as new technologies emerge. In response to the ever-evolving world of technology, and the need for an adaptive strategy, Chad Tester and Steve Smith joined Dominion Voice and Data as principle owners in 2013. Together they bring a blend of sales leadership and marketing experience, coupled with an extensive engineering and contracting background, which will allow us to embrace the changes technology brings. This proactive approach is allowing Dominion to assist our customers in seizing the benefits now offered from the convergence of voice and network technologies. We embrace the new technologies, and understand that education and integrity are vital to creating lasting customer relationships. That is why all of our sales and technical personnel are constantly training, to provide world class technical support.

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